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Elba island


The island of Elba is located at approximately 20 kilometres far from the Tuscan coast. It is the largest of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, and the third of Italy.
Elba and the other islands of the archipelago (Pianosa, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri) form part of the national park of the Tuscan archipelago.

The island counts approximately 30 000 inhabitants, much more during the summer. On the historical level, the island was inhabited at the prehistory by Ilvates people, an old tribe connected with the Ligurian one.
Very rich in iron, the island provided the Etruscans then Rome. The emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled a few times in Elba, some villas still testimony about.

More recently, the wine of the island gained its reputation, in particular the Aleatico, liqueur like sweet wine used for the dessert.

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