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Montepulciano is a commune of the province of Siena, in the south of Tuscany, it counts approximately 14.000 inhabitants.
It is a medieval and renaissance city, perched among beautiful hills, at an altitude of 605 m, near of Pienza.

Montepulciano has an important gastronomical production. Its wine is regarded as one of best of Italy, it is also known for its pork-butchery, its cheese, its pastes, lenses and honey.

The historical center is surrounded by fortifications of the XVIth century.
Montepulciano is especially known for the beauty of its palates of the Renaissance :

  • Cathedral of Renaissance
  • Church San Biagio, considered as one one the nicest church of the italian renaissance time.
  • Churches San Francesco, Sant'Agostino, Santa Maria dei Servi
  • The Tarugi palate
  • The communal palate of the XIVth
  • Palates Contucci, Cervini, Cocconi.
  • Column of the Marzocco

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