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pistoia in tuscanyPistoia is a commune of the north of Tuscany, located at the foot of Appenins mounts and counts approximately 90.000 inhabitants.

Pistoia was a Roman oppidum, old traces of Ligurian and Etruscan occupation were found here. Under the Byzantines in the Vth century, Pistoia had its own bishop.
In 1254, Pistoia being gibeline, is conquered by Florence, a guelfe city.

Monuments and places of interest

The medieval centre remarkable, many churches and palates among which:

- The cathedral (Duomo)
- The octagonal baptistery.
- The communal palate (XIII-XIV th)
- The Palazzo Pretorio palate (XIV th)
- pistoia - coat of armsChurch Sant'Andrea, of the XII th century, avec a superbal marble pulpit of marble of Giovanni Pisano.
- Church San Giovanni Fuoricivitas.
- Ospedale del Ceppo, with a terra cotta plank enamelled of the XVth century.

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